Yearning Songs

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

miss Bo n Jie so much!!

Jus finish entertain my cousin. KaiJie and KaiBo. I think YaQin still knw them ba... that time i did invited YaQin to my hus during CNY.

They came into my room, lookin at mi like so pathetic. So i invite them to sit inside my room.
They requested to play online games cus i was surfing net too. I stop my surfin n let them go play games.

They are really gd at playing gals games.. while 2 brothers were to share a laptop, they might have hurt my laptop oso. they press my keypad so hard! My laptop kanna pouch by the elder brother... OMG!!!!!!!!!!

my only laptop... Hw cn they did this on my laptop. So i hang them upside down, kanetheir backside until i happy. then peel off their skin until i see their fresh.


the younger brother ask mi: "你的弟弟雷?"
mi:" 你又知道他是我的弟弟?"
the younger brother: *smile*
the younger brother: 他去找女朋友哈?"
the younger brother: "他的女朋友像她哈?" (pointin to BoA's foto on my wall)
me: "................"
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